About me

Nic Larson is a 19-year old photographer from St. Paul, MN. He currently Normandale Community College, and will graduate with an associates of arts degree with an emphasis in photography.

Larson first became interested in photography when he was 13 and began using his mom’s DSLR camera. Like many young photographers, Larson started out in auto mode, but soon began to teach himself manual photography through YouTube tutorials.

“When taking these photos around the house and outside, I realized that they didn’t look how I wanted them to look, so I self taught myself how to shoot on manual mode,” he said.

Eventually, Larson saved up enough money to buy his own Nikon D90, and began to experiment more by taking photos of his family and friends. Shortly thereafter, he found that portraiture was where his passion lay, and he began a dedicated Instagram page for his photography.

“Once I did that, I asked as many people as I could to come and shoot with me…after lots of continuous photo shoots with people and experimenting with my camera over the years, my style became more unique,” he said.

Along with photography, Larson also enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, longboarding, and kayaking.

Currently, he is interested in doing more travel photography, collaborating with other visual artists and models, and also working with musicians to create album covers to continue shaping his unique style of photography.


Contact Me

Email - Niclarsonphotography@gmail.com

Instagram - NL_focusedphotography

Facebook - Nic Larson Photography